arquitectura, disseny, i més

The firm, funded by Fran Sandemetrio, was born as a brand for the development of integrated projects in the fields of architecture and design.

Far from being a personalist project, the objective of the firm is to work collaboratively with other professionals, clients and users with the clear aim of increasing the perspectives and opinions around the project to achieve a result as plural and perfect as possible.

This plurality in the same base project will be used to obtain a deep analysis of the environment, the conditions and the main objectives to be achieved in order to synthesize specific solutions adapted to each case, from the overall design to the smallest detail in the project.

Fran Sandemetrio

Fran Sandemetrio

Universitat Politècnica de València

  • Architecture and Building Technology Specialty.
  • Intervention at the Architectural Heritage Specialty.
  • Management and Organization of Construction Companies Specialty.